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The Innovative 25 Lines Slots of Cryptologic

The latest innovation and technology of slot machines have taken a big leap upon the introduction of the 25 lines slot machines. Cryptologic is one of the major slot machine manufacturers that has brought the latest slot machine technology that bring slot gamblers the chance to enjoy playing the 25 lines slot machines.

The traditional slot machines used to be playable in its limited three reeled and 5 pay lines slot machines. But the newest wave of slot machine technology by Cryptologic allow slot gamblers to enjoy playing slot games with more number of reels with 25 lines slot machines that are more exciting to play. Playing the 25 lines slot machines does offer slot players an enhanced winning chances from a slot machine game.

There are numerous 25 lines slot machines by Cryptologic with exciting features for slot gamblers to play for. The slot machines with this type of slot machine feature are commonly found from video slot machines.

One of the famous online 25 lines slot machines by Cryptologic is the video slot game of Iron Man. This 25 line slot machine game is inspired by the famous comic book character full of action packed slot machine games with 25 lines to play for. The slot player can also play a maximum number of 25 coins.

From the Cryptologic's 25 lines slot machine of Iron Man comes a sizable amount of coin range to bet on and one gets to play for a scatter game logo symbol. It also comes with a wild symbol which is the Iron Man figure that can replace any symbol in order to complete the winning combinations that enhance the chance of a slot player to hit the slot jackpot. The game is also loaded with generous bonus features that can win its player additional prize to enjoy.

Another Cryptologic's 25 lines slot machine is the game of Elektra. It comes with a 25 line slot machine feature that can be played for 25 maximum numbers of coins. It can be an entertaining game of playing a slot machine with a heroine theme that comes with a progressive jackpot feature to win for.

This game also comes with a video slot feature with 5 reels to play for with scatter and wild symbols that increase the player's chance to win more prizes. It is an action packed 25 line slot machine game loaded with bonus features to enjoy.

Ghost Rider is another 25 lines slot machine created, designed and manufactured by Cryptologic that comes with an excellent graphic and animation that have the same feature of the 25 line, 5 reeled slot machines with 25 max coins to play for.

Playing these 25 line slot machine games by Cryptologic provide good gaming options to slot players with the highest chance of enjoying a great slot gambling experience.