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The Entertaining Fort Knox Slot

An entertaining, exciting and wonderful slot version, Fort Knox Slot is one of the games that offer progressive jackpot prizes to lucky players. Aside from huge prizes, the game features an interesting theme, which makes it more fascinating to many players. To those who want to have broader understanding on this slot version, let us have a closer glance on the various aspects of the game.

The Slots Game's Specifications

To avoid confusion, players should know that Fort Knox slot has two versions, which are the 25-payline edition and the 30-payline edition. In the category of slot machines with random progressive set-up, this slot variation is one of the games that feature multi progressive jackpot. Additionally, progressive jackpot prizes are activated randomly in the game, so players have the chance to win big prizes even if they do not place big bets.

Both versions of the machine allows 20 coins as the maximum wager per line, which means that a 25-payline version can accept up to 500 coins maximum wager, while the highest bet per line for a 30-payline version is 600 coins. Another interesting feature of the game is that it applies an EZ Pay format, which shows that players will have to exchange their payout tickets for cash as soon as their game session is over.

The Network Connections of the Slots Game Progressives

The slot machines that feature Fort Knox are interconnected with each other. Because of this, jackpot prizes are increasing at a more rapid rate since some progressive network can accommodate up to 63 machines. Hence, the progressive jackpot returns to its initial amount every time a player wins the prize.

The Slots Bonus Games

The progressive jackpot bonus games involve four levels namely the Copper level, the Silver level, Gold level and the Platinum level. Each successful jump from one level to another level rewards players with corresponding bonuses. To get the highest progressive jackpot prize, players should concentrate on reaching the Platinum level.

With the big jackpot prizes that it offers, Fort Knox slot is surely one of the enjoyable and interesting games that gamblers can play in casinos. To maximize the chances that this game features, players need to have a closer glance at its mechanics and game play. Above all, players should always consider their luck when they try Fort Knox slot since the skills that can help them win the progressive jackpot prizes are very limited.